OvaCue Fertility Monitor: Predict Ovulation 7 Days in Advance

OvaCue Fertility Monitor: Predict Ovulation 7 Days in Advance




The OvaCue Fertility Monitor consists of a hand-held monitor with a color screen, a saliva sensor, and a cervical mucus sensor – the ideal combination for pinpointing your most fertile days in your cycle and for confirming when ovulation occurred.

Take the guesswork out of your fertility by seamlessly reading and tracking your body’s biological clues with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor. Trying-to-conceive women who know when they are fertile have a higher chance of getting pregnant during that cycle. Don’t let another month pass you by!

The OvaCue is a sophisticated monitor that measures changes in the electrolyte levels in your saliva and cervical mucus that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. Simply place the oral sensor on your tongue daily and the OvaCue will record a reading of the electrolyte resistance in your saliva. The monitor will track trends in these readings, looking to identify a specific trend (called the “Cue Peak”) that marks the beginning of your fertile window.

Once this trend is detected, the monitor will color-in the calendar with varying shades of blue (from light to dark), indicating low to peak fertility, and providing 5-7 days advance notice of ovulation. With several days advance notice of ovulation, you are able to increase your chances of conception. The OvaCue keeps track of your current cycle day and current fertility status — and it stores up to 4 months of readings.

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